Group Analysis Therapy

Group Analysis is a form of therapy that specialises in understanding and treating problems in groups.

The benefit of this form of therapy is that it strengthens and enriches the therapeutic experience for all the individuals in the group. Each member gains from listening to and being heard by others in a safe and supportive environment. Everyone is encouraged to speak about their current difficulties and how these may connect with past experiences and potentially re-played in the group to be worked through, understood and changed.

What Group Therapy Is – How it Works?

Principles & Benefits

Group Therapy videos worth watching

Doctors in Distress

Group members come with a range of presenting difficulties including anxiety, depression, relationship issues, childhood trauma, personality difficulties.

Each group lasts for an hour and a half and is at the same time and place each week. Group members are mixed in gender and age.  The group consists of up to 8 members and one group conductor.

Before joining the a group, members have an assessment which may be over several sessions.

When joining members agree to keep what is talked about in the group confidential. In the interests confidentiality meeting outside the group is discouraged.

For more information about Group Analysis, visit the Group Analytic Society International website.

Current Memberships/Accreditations

I am a member of the Group Analytic Society and editor of their online publication Contexts

United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP) Institute of Group Analysis (IGA) BUPA Registered Therapist Prudential


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