What is Long Covid?

Long-Covid is an illness that can last many months after someone has Covid-19. People may have a mixture of symptoms that vary day to day. Most people with Long-Covid can have fatigue, “brain fog”, feel breathless or have low mood and/or anxiety.Figures suggest the number of patients with Long-Covid is around 10% of those discharged from hospital.

I run online support groups and therapy groups for doctors and other health care professionals who have been seriously affected by the covid pandemic.

During this pandemic, we are missing out on the life we used to live; one of the biggest factors being connection. These days going to the shop can cause fear, missing our friends and family can increase sadness and trying to do school or job work at home can feel overwhelming and frustrating. When you are in your home struggling with negative feelings, it can feel as if you are alone. Group therapy can help you process negative feelings through support and connection.

Online Group therapy is psychotherapy in which a group of individuals talk about their struggles together, with the guidance of a therapist over a video format such as Zoom or MS Teams. This means you can join a group from anywhere in the UK and from your own home. The size of a group can vary, from 4 – 8 individuals per group. As the group therapist, I provide all logistical information before starting the group, so you feel clear about guidelines, policies and confidentiality.

Common issues that therapy groups can help with include anxiety, isolation, social anxiety, depression, substance misuse, relationship difficulties. Some groups are designed to teach skills and help people learn ways to deal with anger, low self-esteem, or loneliness. Today, online therapy is a virtual way to get support in a group setting.

A benefit of group psychotherapy is that the group members can act as a support network and sounding board. Group members often help offer new perspectives, which help you come up with ideas to help improve your situation. Another benefit is accountability. As a group that meets regularly you begin to care about one another’s success and that can help motivate you to continue to work on improving your mental health. Also, regularly talking and listening helps put your own problems in perspective, and it can be a relief to hear others discussing similar struggles. You’re not alone. During the COVID pandemic, we are missing connection and group therapy can be a valuable source of support during these uncertain times.


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